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3M Health To Collaborate with Amazon To Accelerate AI in Clinical Documentation



3M Health Information Systems (HIS) has announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the innovation and advancement of 3M M*Modal ambient intelligence. As part of the collaboration, 3M will use AWS Machine Learning (ML) and generative AI services, including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Transcribe Medical, to help expedite and scale the delivery of 3M’s ambient clinical documentation and virtual assistant solutions.

In a press release announcing the collaboration, 3M stated that working with AWS will make it easier for clinicians to automate accurate, complete and structured notes in the EHR a scalable reality. Using contextual understanding, 3M Fluency Align takes the patient-physician conversation and available EHR data to create a quality-reviewed note directly in the patient record, ready for physician review and sign off. Using Amazon Bedrock’s generative AI service, 3M plans to further scale and accelerate its innovation in conversational AI to deliver greater flexibility, choice and usability to physician end users.

“The innovation, security and reliability of AWS helps us accelerate the delivery of high-quality clinical documentation. Our overarching goal is to create a better, more sustainable solution and to continue to be a trusted partner that our clients can rely on to reduce administrative tasks and prioritize patient engagement.” said 3M HIS President, Garri Garrison. “We look forward to working with AWS and using machine learning and generative AI services to scale our 3M M*Modal conversational and ambient AI solutions.”

“Conversations between healthcare providers and patients provide the foundation of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan and drive the clinical documentation workflow,” said Tehsin Syed, general manager, Health AI at AWS. “Using AWS ML services, 3M will enable the integration of approved information from physician and patient conversations directly into this workflow, placing the focus on the patient. AWS looks forward to further supporting 3M as they scale access to affordable, consistent, secure, and accurate note-taking and documentation for clinical staff though ML and generative AI.”

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