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BioT webinar will explore personalized approach to connected care [Sponsored]

With the expansion of remote patient monitoring, the demand for infrastructure to support connected medical devices has soared. The challenge is to get equipped with the right skill sets to build a connected care solution that will protect patients’ data properly, and abide by relevant regulatory guidelines, within a reasonable timeframe. 

Connected care platform provider BioT is rolling out a new version of its Software-as-a-Service platform that uses ready-made modular templates, saving time on development and commercialization efforts, while complying with privacy and security regulations.

BioT’s Triple-C Connect-Collaborate-Care solution enables MedTech companies to securely connect devices to a medical-grade cloud, boost personalized engagement and improve health outcomes through collaboration between patients and caregivers, and turn data into actionable insights to improve clinical decision-making and care experiences.

In a new webinar scheduled for November 18 at 1pm Eastern Time and hosted by MedCity News, BioT will explore how a connected care solution can help medtech and pharma companies  create direct relationships with patients through a personalized experience to improve reported treatment outcomes. We will address considerations around building a connected care solution and how you can achieve it in a very short timeframe. 

In this webinar you will learn about:

The considerations around building a connected care platform

  • Reducing cost and time to build such a platform using a no-code approach
  • Creating a personalized patient experience using out-of-the-box tools for
    • Adherence management
    • Questionnaire management
    • Engagement
    • Training and education
  • Bringing your own core competency into play without the need to develop cloud / cybersecurity know-how with code plug-ins

Itai Weissman

BioT VP of Product Itai Weissman will be featured on the webinar. He is a product management veteran with more than 25 years of experience predominantly focusing on SaaS products for large-scale enterprises that are subject to data regulations. Prior to joining BioT, Itai served as VP products and VP Strategy and Innovation at Allot (Nasdaq: ALLT), contributing significantly to Allot’s growth, eventually managing product lines in excess of $130M of revenues per year. He also served as director of products in ECtel and prior to that served in an elite technological unit in the IDF. Itai was with IDF’s academic reserves and earned his BSc. in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University. He was selected top of his class in signal cores [Ma1] tech officers’ course for the year of 1996/7.

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