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Medical device companies should consider embracing connected care platforms [Sponsored]

A recent webinar on connected devices and the keys to setting up an effective remote patient monitoring solution offered insights on connectivity and security considerations. It also shed light on why medical devices should embrace connected care platforms and how it influences patient experience and engagement.

Israeli company BioT, which builds a connected care platform which transforms medical devices into connected care solution , sponsored the webinar, which included speakers Itai Weissman, vice president of product for BioT, and Dr. Allen Burton, medical director for medical device manufacturer Abbott‘s neuromodulation business.

Abbott developed Neurosphere, a neuromodulation platform for a suite of products that helps clinicians and patients manage chronic pain and their condition associated with spinal cord stimulation or dorsal root ganglion therapy. Its myPath  app helps track and report patients’ perceived pain relief and general well-being. Neurosphere also enables clinicians to connect to the patient’s neural implant and make changes as needed while communicating with patients in their own home.

BioT highlighted the efficient process by which it can help medtech companies easily connect to cloud and get to market within days  and some of the services it provides.

Both Weissman and Burton noted that some of the value of connected devices and digital tools are that they have improved the quality of care and interactions between patients and their physicians.

“Patient-reported outcomes until today have largely been tethered to validated tools that often rely on questionnaires or the patient’s subjective responses,” said Burton. “As we’re able to move into digital care, there are so many rapidly developing ways to objectively assess patient outcomes, including a variety of different tools that are embedded in our smartphones like Apple Health Kit. We’re really bringing the way doctors have cared for these patients into the digital arena.”

Other key takeaways from the webinar included:

  • Patients need to perceive value beyond just reporting their data. Ask patients the right questions at the right time to create a fully personalized experience.
  • It is a significant commitment from the company to find and build the expertise needed for a connected device platform. Consider partnering with ready-made no-code connected care platforms that are easy to set up by using the drag-and-drop modular template approach.  
  • A connected system is not the goal; it is the means to an end goal which is successful remote patient monitoring and improved treatment outcomes.
  • Bring your own core competency into play without the need to develop cloud cybersecurity know-how 
  • HIPAA has its own set of challenges but the data privacy terrain gets more complex as companies expand globally.

To access the webinar on demand, click here.

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