Medical Innovation Exchange

MedTech Minds Jan. 2021 E-Learning Summary


Event Summary

MedTech Minds groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your MedTech business and personal skills.

To improve learning and problem solving, events events consist of two segments, (1) Problem Investigation and (2) Community Advice.

Hone your skills and learn about MedTech through investigation and discussion along with expert advice on these questions:

  • I want to learn about the steps to confirm MedTech feasibility for a cloud based wound management device, featuring digital camera and sensor technology, API communications via the cloud/WiFi, images and sensor analytics to medical professionals, A UX/UI for smart devices provides real time healing results, and telehealth communication with a patient’s smart device.
  • There’s a significant amount of early stage R&D that needs to happen in a startup. Where do you go to find investment for this?
  • Startup pitch and feedback, featuring Ayushi Patel, CEO of CenSyn.