Medical Innovation Exchange

MedTech Minds Jun. 2020 E-Learning Summary


Event Summary

MedTech Minds groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your MedTech business and personal skills.

To improve learning and problem solving, events events consist of two segments, (1) Problem Investigation and (2) Community Advice.

Hone your skills and learn about MedTech through investigation and discussion along with expert advice on these questions:

  • What are the top partnerships I should be looking for that would launch my brand into the target market? How do we reach more clinicians quickly and get more feedback quickly?
  • How important is getting an M.B.A. for starting your own business? I am thinking about getting one after working in the industry for a few years but I am unsure if it would be worth it.
  • What FDA processes have changed in light of COVID? Are there any significant impacts to the 510(k) process? What would happen once the EUA expires?
  • How do you ask or research the company’s funding situation or what questions one can ask to get a real picture of where the company is at in terms of money?